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Smart fleet management

Our fleet consists of privately owned and cooperating, modern refrigerated trucks, which meet European standards for safe road transport of products in temperature-controlled conditions.

The corporate fleet consists of 68 privately owned refrigerated trucks.
The vehicles are of the latest technology, and their average age does not exceed 5 years. At the same time, they meet the specifications and requirements of the latest Euro 5 and Euro 6 directives of the European Union (anti-pollution technology).

The refrigerated truck compartments are certified and meet the FRC specifications and have all modern equipment available (Mono Thermo / Bi Thermo, single deck / double deck).

In particular, the refrigerated trucks of our company have:

  • Modern temperature control systems -25°C / + 25°C
  • Compartments of different temperatures. Trailer cabins with double-deck support systems for contactless loading of 66 pallets
  • Modern temperature sensors
  • Temperature recorders for thermographic printing upon delivery

The maintenance of the corporate fleet takes place according to the service instructions provided by the manufacturer and is carried out in specialized and authorized car workshops. The compartments are washed and disinfected with biologically certified products after the end of each shipment, while the annual calibration performed per compartment ensures maximum efficiency.

To meet the growing demand of our customers to ship their goods, we work with transport companies. Their selection is based on strict criteria, as defined in the ISO process. The cooperating fleet includes more than 150 refrigerated trucks, while our collaborations are stable and long-term.

Our company faithfully follows the strategic plan for the corporate fleet modernization, with regular and scheduled replacements of trucks and compartments, while increasing its strength following market requirements.

All vehicles have advanced telematics (GPS) systems to ensure continuous remote monitoring of routes and timely intervention where needed.


  • Electro-hydraulic loading-unloading ramps with adjustment to each vehicle height
  • Pallet Trucks - Lifting Equipment suitable for any function of logistics management
  • Power generator
  • Electric sweepers
  • Washing machines
  • Computer - Telecommunication Systems

Med Frigo Certifications