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Transport Management (TMA)

Custom systems for complex needs

Taking advantage of its many years of experience, MED FRIGO has developed a state of the art, integrated transportation planning and control system (TMA) focused on optimal customer service and effective management of the means used.

The system is connected to the warehouse management system (WMS) and the company's ERP, ensuring the issuance of the required documents (CMR, Consignment Notes, etc.) and invoicing, thus ensuring the services' accuracy and transparency.


Order Management

MED FRIGO has developed a modern order management system based on the warehouse management system (WMS).
The products are picked with the aid of electronic scanning against the expected quantities.
Orders are collected based on availability and prioritization set by customers, with picking lists being forwarded to bar code scanners.
The orders that are ready, are scanned separately per box, ensuring 99% loading accuracy and full traceability.


Taking another step towards digital order, stock and quality control management, MED FRIGO has developed electronic connections with all its customers to provide stock and order management services.

The exchange of required information is done through Web Services, a flexible platform that minimizes the cost and time of interconnection with customer systems.

MED FRIGO is also connected to all international platforms to manage shipments from its multinational customers, making extensive use of electronic invoicing.



Our company, always an innovator and a pioneer in using new technologies, took the initiative to implement e-CMR in shipments from Greece to and from Europe.

In the Supply Chain sector, where the exchange of information and data between all the links in the chain is essential, there is a clear need to digitize accompanying documents and procedures.

Digitization is a tool to facilitate international trade. Today, it is more than important to help the global economy recover faster from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The transition to paperless logistics is a complex process which includes:

  • Copy of the CMR in an electronic application (portal)
  • Attachment of accompanying documents (Consignment note)
  • Assignment of the shipping to a specific driver by transferring the e-CMR to an application on his mobile phone
  • Email to both the principal and the recipient.
  • Tracking of the shipment through the application in the driver's mobile (GPS)
  • Completion of the delivery to the recipient's warehouse, either with QR code or with a sign on glass
  • Possibility to add remarks and attach photos
  • The signed e-CMR with time stamp and delivery point coordinates is sent to both the principal and the recipient, as well as to the Customer Service Department of the company

The benefits of e-CMR are the following:

  • Real-time information on the picking and delivery to the principal (CMR receipt - Consignment Note = PoD)
  • Acceleration of the billing process and solution possible claims
  • Reduction of time and effort required to manage the return and shipment of CMR originals
  • Reduction of administrative processing time
  • Immediate service pricing
  • Elimination of deviations in the picking/delivery proces. Transparency enhancement
  • Data accuracy
  • Shipment Control and monitoring
  • Access to information & confirmation of delivery/picking of goods in real-time
  • Facilitation of control authorities during roadside checks to limit illegal transport


Monitoring and security

Real-time monitoring of and guidance for the vehicles upon beginning of the shipment and until it the load is delivered to the customer, 24/7/365.

With a fleet equipped with GPS, online route tracking, selected routes and parking spaces, 24-hour operation of a service and assistance center and A-Class insurance coverage.

Guided by the philosophy for total customer service and in the context of actions to optimize the services it offers to its customers, MED FRIGO applies innovative information technologies that give its customers a competitive advantage, enabling them to access an electronic platform through which they can monitor/trace in real-time the itinerary of their goods, throughout their transport.

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