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MED FRIGO was founded in 1991 in Patras aiming to provide Integrated Food Logistics Services in the sector of National & International Temperature-Controlled Road Transport.

It consists of two specialized departments, namely MED FRIGO and CARGO MED, and in 2020 it carried out more than 11,000 routes with its refrigerated trucks transporting food, pharmaceuticals and temperature-controlled products to and from Europe.

Regarding export operations from Greece to Europe, MED FRIGO delivers consistently, on weekly basis, to more than 400 points directly. Given its scheduled departures and arrivals, its specialization in the management, partial transport and distribution of fish farming products, temperature-controlled foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, its shipments carried out monthly by more than 500 refrigerated trucks, the company ensures that the activities of Greek companies in 16 European countries are constantly supported and that we are Always On Time.

In the context of import operations from Europe to Greece, CARGO MED picks, transports, and delivers goods 24/7/365. It specializes in groupage, namely part load, transport. Every week, the company consistently meets its customers’ needs relating to importing temperature-controlled goods (food, raw materials, pharmaceuticals, etc.) from Italy, Spain, Portugal, the South France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern Germany to Greece.

Κεντρική αποθήκη

Integrated infrastructure and modern fleet

Given its integrated, modern distribution centers of 74,000 sq.m. and its 19,000 sq.m. of refrigerated storage areas operating 24/7/365, its experienced personnel, fleet of modern refrigerated trucks, our company has become a powerful symbol of entrepreneurial development by connecting dozens of countries around the world.

Advanced Quality System

Certified with ISO 9001, IFS in Logistics, GLOBAL GAP, HACCP, ISO 39001 - Road Traffic Safety, ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System, BIO - Biological Product Management, ASC and GDP for the transport of pharmaceuticals, ISO 27001 - Information Security Management, and recognized as AEO - Approved Economic Operator, the company complies with all required procedures and certifications applicable to Cold Chain, Health & Food Safety


Our long experience in transport, distribution and storage, our infrastructure, our more than 300 experienced workers, our 74 modern, high standard, certified, refrigerated trucks for international transport, and our 150 permanent, highly qualified employees, combined with our philosophy to "always exceed the requirements of our customers" guarantee that our services are "Always on Time"

Med Frigo Certifications