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The imports Partner

MED FRIGO, always focusing on the needs and particularities of its customers, in 2005 created CARGO MED, which is the guarantor of imported products under the company umbrella.

CARGO MED specializes in the picking and international transport of temperature-controlled goods from Europe to Greece. The company was set up by industry professionals who have the know-how to offer specialized services.

As the administrator of the privately-owned fleet of refrigerated trucks, since its foundation until today, year by year, the company has been consolidating and developing its position in the market. The stable partnerships and the trust of our 400 customers highlight the importance of the daily services we offer.

Its respect for the customer, its time consistency with regard to picking and delivery of goods, along with its reliability, have made CARGO MED one of the most reliable companies in the field.

Certified according to IFS in Logistics, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 39001, ISO 14001 in environmental management and GDP for the transport of pharmaceuticals, it offers integrated International Transport services in temperature-controlled environments, adapted to the constantly changing needs of the market.

Specialists in temperature-controlled road transport

Daily from Europe to Greece

Focusing on meeting the needs of Greek and European companies related to imports from Europe to Greece, our company picks, transports and delivers goods 24/7/365.

Pallet by pallet

CARGO MED specializes in groupage freight.

Every week more than 70 refrigerated trucks pick and transport temperature-controlled goods from more than 100 different locations across Europe.



Fresh and frozen foods, Cheese, Cold cuts, Confectionery raw materials, pharmaceuticals from Italy, Spain, Portugal, S. France, Switzerland Netherlands, Belgium, Germany to Greece.

Our Fleet

The privately-owned fleet of the company consists of modern refrigerated trucks, which meet the European standards of temperature controlled road transport.
Daily, MED FRIGO and CARGO MED join forces to provide integrated transport and Logistics services

Med Frigo Certifications