We act responsibly, we support society

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the key priorities of MED FRIGO, which recognizes that companies are evaluated based on their financial results or the quality of the services they offer, but on their social role.
MED FRIGO's social program is integrated into its business activities which it develops with respect for the individual, the society, the environment.

We protect the environment

MED FRIGO operates with respect for the environment, guided by sustainable development. It is constantly investing in upgrading the equipment of its facilities, modernizing, preventing environmental impacts and improving the working environment. We use a biological water treatment system, we have a program for recycling paper and packaging materials, and we support environmental organizations by promoting their work.

Our new building facilities use light tubes for lighting, transfer natural light to the interior, thus saving energy. At the same time, according to schedule, we modernize our corporate fleet with trucks emitting reduced environmental pollutants. Respectively, all the staff, also showing environmental sensitivity, actively participates with small daily actions, contributing thus to the whole effort.

Paper recycling

Social role

MED FRIGO is an integral part of the local communities in which it operates, so it has focused its policy on the principle of consistency and action with a sense of responsibility. Social responsibility is a way of life and an important element of our company's identity, which sponsors sports clubs, non-profit cultural institutions and organizations, university conferences, and events.
At the same time, it continues to offer food to our fellow human beings in need, social structures, etc.




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