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Our main concern is to make you feel safe and secure

This is achieved in two ways, firstly, our modern perception for logistics services provides our customers top quality services at the lowest possible cost (economies of scale) and secondly, our investments in technology allow us to be competitive, pioneers and innovative.

MED FRIGO is much more than just another international logistics transport company.
We expand the commercial network of our partners, offering a wide network of advanced services that utilize all the modern technologies.

We differentiate because we offer:

  • Certified top quality services
    We guarantee effective support & quality ser- vices utilizing the possibilities offered by new technologies in terms of ordering, picking, managing, distributing and feedback.
  • Economies of scale with the immediate effect of cost reduction
    We offer integrated transport & logistics services in temperature-controlled environments. In all, we offer competitive total transportation costs, reduced storage and inventory costs, suitable storage facilities and specialized services.
  • Improved level of services to your customers
    We ensure the uninterrupted supply of goods to Europe. We make daily scheduled departures and consistent, reliable, prearranged deliveries. In a reliable and effective way.
  • Flexibility
    Our main concern is to constantly exceed your expectations, adapting our services to your unique needs. Innovation in our operations en- sures flexibility in decision-making and the effi- cient completion of every assignment.
  • Immediate, valid and timely information 24/7/365.
    We are well aware that timely information makes a difference in logistics, and we operate accordingly. Our goal is immediate information provision and effective decision making.
  • Focus on your main activity
    Trust us to do what we do best and free your- self from any chores which do not relate to your main activity. Feel free to focus on your main work and let us focus on the quality of the ser- vices we provide to you.

Our 30 years old experience in distribution, our infrastructure, our more than 300 trained employees, our 74 modern privately owned refrigerated trucks and our 150 permanent specialized partners, combined with our philosophy “to always exceed the expectations of our partners” guarantee that our services are “Always On Time”!!!

Med Frigo Certifications