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Our customers are at the core of our business

With a human-centered philosophy that places the needs of our customers at the core of our efforts, MED FRIGO provides solutions that meet their size and desires. In addition, being fully aware of our role in the supply chain, we offer integrated services providing security, know-how, and innovation.


MED FRIGO is recognized as the best in its field providing quality and integrated services in road transport at temperature-controlled environments and Logistics while achieving continuous and sustainable growth.



Faithful to our basic principles, with a sense of social responsibility, we guarantee the quality of services provided by trying our best daily to consolidate our presence in the international food supply chain. How do we make that happen?

  • We provide fast – safe – consistent –reliable and efficient services
  • We exceed our customers’ expectations
  • We are always evolving
  • We provide continuous and targeted training and support to our personnel
  • We strengthen our relationship and cooperation with all customers and employees, with respect and integrity
  • We are a collective, corporate entity with a sense of social responsibility, contributing to the prosperity of the local communities in which we operate

Med Frigo Certifications