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from Europe to Europe

-25°C / +25°C

Recognizing the constant social and economic changes and the new challenges ahead, we extend our services to intra-European shipments as well.
Having the comparative advantage of continuous presence throughout Europe, our company has managed to ensure a smooth distribution of products and goods in the European market's supply chain too.
This is another innovative initiative that is the culmination of the continuous development and recognition of its services.

Every day we transport temperature-controlled products between the European states, keeping our trucks in constant motion, ensuring timely and uninterrupted availability of means at our headquarters, and consistent high-quality services 24/7/365.

✓ Temperature controlled environment -25°C / +25°C
✓ Fresh and frozen foods, Cheese, Cold cuts, Confectionery Raw Materials, Pharmaceuticals
✓ Daily shipping from Spain/Portugal to Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

Med Frigo Certifications