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Protection measures and certification for COVID 19

With a sense of responsibility towards its partners, employees and society and realizing its role in the sensitive food supply chain and the transport of drugs, MED FRIGO, since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, took all the necessary protection and precautionary measures.

The company managed to protect transported products and goods and take timely drastic initiatives that allowed it to reliably and consistently adapt to the new unprecedented conditions caused by the global health crisis in transport logistics.

According to the instructions and recommendations of the competent institutions (Ministry of Health, National Public Health Organization, GSCP, Ministry of Labor, etc.), all measures taken since the beginning of the pandemic regarding health and safety at work were strictly observed.

We changed our daily work procedures, implemented all measures, support processes, and management processes following the requirements of the food industry guidelines provided by the National Food Safety Authority and the corresponding European directives.

Creating and maintaining a safe working environment for our hard-working personnel and offering impeccable services to our customers, has always been a priority to us.

As a result of our carefully introduced actions since the beginning of the pandemic of COVID 19, MED FRIGO became the 1st Greek company of International Transport and Logistics to obtain the respective certification.

Our effort was recognized in the digital customer satisfaction questionnaire conducted in June 2020. Among others, 98% of the respondents said they were delighted with the company's performance in meeting the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Among others, we did the following:

  • Informing employees about the coronavirus, the mode of transmission, prevention and protection measures, as well as providing recommendations and instructions for personal hygiene
  • Installing antiseptic solutions at the entrances and exits, in all offices of the administration and public areas
  • Providing personal protective equipment to all employees
  • Placing floor marking for social distancing in front of the reception desks *Thorough cleaning in all areas (warehouses, administration, common areas, etc.)
  • Body temperature detection upon entering the premises
  • Carrying out sample checks on drivers and transporters
  • Introducing work from home
  • Holding meetings without physical presence (teleconferencing)
  • MED FRIGO, faithful to the principles of Consistency - Continuity - Evolution, proved that it can effectively deal with unprecedented challenges.

Med Frigo Certifications