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We do business in the present, we invest in the future

By investing in the future, MED FRIGO seeks to meet the needs of the changing market, the unpredictable supply and demand and the coverage of European flows in the current competitive environment.

In this context, it has developed an extended network of partners in Greece and Europe while being the largest Greek company specializing in managing and distributing marine products. Together with four other European companies (STEF- OLANO - GROUP- KOTRA LOGISTICS - HOPI), it has formed the Seafoodways network, which dominates the food supply chain, providing the comparative advantage of transporting your products wherever you want.


The Seafoodways network, the only one in the world to apply all safety and traceability rules, has formed a competitive distribution channel for seafood products throughout Europe, utilizing all means of transport to support its customers' export and other activities.

However, MED FRIGO has also developed its own network in collaboration with more than 40 transport and logistics companies in Greece and Europe, thus ensuring speedy distribution, reliability, and picking of products intended for domestic and European markets.

A vital priority for our company is to interconnect and develop collaborations to grow further.